Pond and PSF as Climate Resilience Water Points

Noltona union of Barguna sadar upazila under Barguna district is located in most disaster prone pockets adjacent to the river bank Bishkhali and close to the estuarine zone of Bay of Bengal. This area is known as disaster sick area regarding scarcity of drinking water as there is no tube well is possible to install in 2/3 area. Peoples are depend on ponds as drinking water sources. Many organizations provided PSFs but for defective infrastructure, lack of community management and future projections these are not functioning more than 2-3 months. From this learning SANGRAM has provided 14 PSFs and re-excavated 14 ponds in order to lessen scarcity of drinking water under proper guidelines of CCCP-PKSF through a climate resilient project named Adaptation with Alternative Livelihood Opportunity(AALO). We had a close attention to the public needs, updated technologies for infrastructure and effective community mechanism in terms of ensuing its durability and smooth functions. Re-excavated ponds are high surroundings and no polluted water from outsides can not enter in to the ponds. PSFs are located in the highest position of the pond surroundings.  About 1200 families of different villages take drinking water from these ponds and PSFs. People used to suffer from many water borne diseases before construction of these water points. For the last two years peoples of nine villages are free from waterborne diseases. These ponds and PSFs are managed by the users group, i.e. community people maintain these drinking water sources for the sake of drinking water availability. There is a maintenance committee for each POND-PSF. This committee collects money as per need of PSF cleaning. The water points will be sustained as these are maintained by people for the people and these will not be disrupted if there is not any big disaster occurs like SIDR Super cyclone 2007.

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Year of Inception : 1985

Founder : Chowdhury Mohammad Masum

Serving Country : Bangladesh

Number of Branches : 47

Present Donors : BCCRF, CBM/CDD, PKSF, DFID, Bangladesh Bank, IFAD, NGO Forum.


Head Office: Shahid Smriti Sarak, Barguna-8700, Bangladesh.

Liaison Office: Genetic West Wood, H # 284-285, R # 2, Adabor, Dhaka-1207.

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