(Enhancement of Resources and   Increasing the Capacities of Poor Households towards Elimination of the Poverty)

There is no controversy on the issue that the village development is an indispensible one for the development of country and the happiness of people. We are living for the sake of tedious labor of the village people. Not only for the natural and gloriousness but also for the socio-economic development and food security the role of village people in knew know bounds. The people of this country are innovative and laborious. They are extraordinarily innovative. If the people have proper patronization and direction they can make revolution in the field of microenterprise and small industries. Village people can change the feature of the country if they are owned accurately. If the people are assisted with technology, planning , monitoring and different kinds of production minimum one small industry can be formed in each village. If so, 90000 small industry can form in 90000 villages. 20 people can be employed in one small industry, as such 1 crore  80 lacs  people can be employed in above villages. As a result migration to  the urban area will be decreased.

PKSF has started ENRICH project patronizing different livelihood related activities like education, health and nutrition, human resources development with economic support in large sense of poverty alleviation. Members of this project learn how to make best uses of local resources and their capacity. SANGRAM has been implementing this program in Patharghata sadar union of Patharghata upazila and Dowatola union of Bamna upazila.

Name of Project: ENRICH

Duration of the Project: 1 July 2010 to on going

Partner: Polli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF).

Working Area

District Upazila Union Village Households
Barguna Patharghata and Bamna Patharghata and Dowatola Patharghata-12

Dowatola- 10


Patharghata- 7723



UC HA SDO Edu Super HEDA MIS Assistant Manager


FO(Cr.) Others HW Teacher Total
02 05 04 01 04 04 05 15 04 27 100 171

Working Techniques: A baseline survey was conducted in Patharghata and union of Patharghata upazila and Dowatola union of Bamna upazila. 34 staffs completed this survey for 60 days and every family of these two unions was included. A data base was completed that contains all relevant information of each family. Activities on health, education, agriculture, employment creation and infrastructure development started in the families prioritizing their poverty risks. More activities will be included on need based or as per desire of the included families.

Current Activities: Health service; Education for drop out children and adults; Agriculture; Solar lighting; ICS(Improve Cooking Stoves); Sanitary latrine set up/repair; Culvert/Structure of bridge; Bashok plantation; Employment creation; Low interest bearing credit; Special savings accumulation; Beggars rehabilitation; Youth development training.

1. Health Services: 5 Health Assistants and 27 Health Workers are working in this activity. HAs are operating satellite clinics. Every HW visits 20 HH per day and provides necessary counseling and support. The problems beyond their capacity are referred to the satellite clinics. MBBS doctors serves four times per month in each satellite clinic, especially they served with referred patients. In addition to this service specialists doctors from Dhaka or other famous places comes these clinics to serve freely for the community. This activity is performed simultaneously.

Health service at a glance: July 2010-October 2016

Static clinics arrangement Service received for STC Satellite Clinics arrangement Service received for SC Higher level treatment Lachrymal duct operation Cataract operation Free spectacles distribution
MBBS Specialists
5426 67879 815 15105 15105 6917 16 594 450

2. Education: Patharghata sadar union is surrounded by rivers and sea. Due to those children of fishermen families are spending their substantial time for fishing with their parents. Drop out children of fishermen community between the ages of 7-8 are accumulated for providing pre-school education to make them schoolable. There are 60 education centers for 7723 families in Patharghata sadar union and 40 education centers for 5445 families in Dowatola union. Number of total students are 2995 of which boys 1486 and girls 1509.


Education at a glance:

No. of Education center No. of Teachers Date of commencement Total students Attendance rate
Girls Boys Total
100 100 2010 1509 1486 2995 97%

3. Agriculture: Salinity is saturated in all cultivable land of Patharghata sadar union. Due to that farmers cultivate only local variety Amon. Without this no other crops are produced here. Some people cultivate Rabi crop only in homestead. People do not cultivate winter cereal crops. In winter season salinity comes upper stage of soil. During the last several years salinity raised tremendously in this area. Intensity of salinity has been rising year after year. Farmers do not know how to use the technology of producing saline tolerant variety.

Four diploma agriculturists working under this program and train farmers on updated technology of agriculture. They are providing training to the farmers for HYV of rice as well as winter and summer crops in homestead area. Necessary steps were taken by Sangram in order to enriching ultra-poor families enrolled in this project. Agriculturists assist farmers how to select improved variety of different RABI and KHARIP crops in advance planning of their cultivation. In such way farmers are able to introduce crop calendar for all season. Farmers are encouraged to cultivate more than one crop in year instead of only one. Trainings are provided about pest control, vegetable gardening in bed system round the year, medicinal plant cultivation and adopt this as an IGA, producing GUTI urea in farmer’s level, using porous pipe on paddy cultivation.

Agriculture activities at a glance:

Targeted farmers families Farmers with vermin compost Agriculture tools distribution Vegetable seed distribution
GUTI Urea machine Porous Pipe Number of families
13168 125 25 200 1500 300000 Tk.

4. SHS (Solar Home System): Sunlight is in house now. At present it is round the country. Electricity and fuel problem is a burning issue now. As because solar power is an alternative of electric power. Now it is easy to get this technology. As Pathorghat upazila is surrounded by the river, so substantial part of family heads busy with fishing. Solar lighting system is useful for knitting at night. Many nets can knit in a body by one solar light. Considering the demand of solar lighting many solar lantern were distributed in Patharghata upazila. Not only solar lantern but also we have sold solar panel for solar home system.

Solar system in Patharghata sadar uion

Name of Branch Description of sell Coverage
Solar Lantern Solar Panel Total
 No Taka  No Taka  No Taka Family Village
Patharghata 404 7,34,200 94 6,78,000 498 14,12,200 498 12

5. Bandhu Chula

Wood is the only one source of fuel for cooking in Patharghata upazila. These fire woods are collected from neighboring Horinghata woods. Women are affected by different diseases due to using fire wood. Average uses of fire wood are 3000 mon per day in Patharghata sadar union by 7723 families. The yearly amount of fire wood is 3600 MT. These huge amount of fire wood will save if the people are habituated to use environment friendly Bandhu Chula. Considering health and economic issues ENRICH project has taken an initiative to distribute Bandhu Chula among all households in Patharghata sadar union.

Bandhu Chula at a glance

Name of Branch Total sell Subsidy from ENRICH Coverage Member
No Taka Family village
Patharghata 176 94,700 38,400 176 12 635

6. Sanitary latrine set up/repairing

Personal health and hygienic conditions of Patharghata sadar union are most vulnerable due to frequent cyclone hit flash flood. Water are seriously polluted by open latrines, drinking water points are also badly affected. Hence, total water supply system is broken down. Besides this community level sanitary system is also in worse condition and there is no way of defecating in community level.

No of Sanitary Latrine Taka Member coverage
Ultra poor Family Level Community Level Ultra poor Family Level Community Level Ultra poor Family Level Community Level
295 102 5,90,000 12,24,000 1180 10200

7. Water points set up/repairing

Due to hard rock in Patharghata sadar union no DHTW is possible to install. High intensity of salinity in shallow tube well water is also a main hindrance for getting pure drinking water. Ponds are the only source of drinking and households use water for the people of Patharghata sadar union. These ponds are treated as reserve ponds. Through the ENRICH Project 8 PSF(Pond Sand Filter) were set up in the bank of these ponds. Besides this 51 shallow tube wells were installed in special system to make the availability of drinking water.

Water points at a glance in working area

Name of water points

WP Installation

No Currently usable HHs enrolled Beneficiaries
Shallow Tube Well 51 35 350 1750
PSF 8 8 800 4000

8. Culvert and Bridge structure

Communication is the first and foremost condition of development. If communication is developed, all products under ENRICH project will be merchandised easily. Three sides of Patharghata upazila is surrounded by the rivers as because many big and small canals are passing through the main land. Communication is hindered due to these canals. For the sake of developing communication ENRICH project has established 111 culverts in its catchments area.

9. Bashok Leaf plantation

Bashok(Adhatoda vasica) is an  important medicinal plant growing in Bangladesh. The soil of coastal belt is conducive for Bashok plantation. This plant is easily cultivated surrounding the houses and it does not need to tiller nor use any fertilizer or insecticide. The people of Medicine Company buy Bashok leaf 40 Tk per Kg. We encouraged the beneficiaries to produce the Bashok plant in their homestead and unused land surrounding the houses.

Bashok leaf cultivation at a glance

No of cuttings No of alive seedlings No of seedlings are sold
Entrepreneurs within Project Entrepreneurs out of  Project Entrepreneurs themselves Total
1,95,900 1,26,848 85,900 1,10,000 1,95,900

10. Employment Creation (G4S)

ENRICH Project has completed an MOU with G4S in order to provide jobs for the young but poor people. G4S Company provides guards in big cities like Dhaka, Chittagong etc. Till now we have provided job to the 34 young people.

Jobs at a glance

Information of appointment Coverage Beneficiaries
Interviewed Appointed Now in service HHs Village
110 34 34 34 12 170

11. Special savings activities

Special savings is an important component of ENRICH Project. Members will save for a certain period. After the end of the period they will get two time of their saved money. This program is run through savings and credit management.

Special savings at a glance

Members of Special savings Amount of Special savings Members crossed the duration Money paid to the members
46 7,60,733 46 46

12. Beggar’s rehabilitation activities

118 beggars are available in Project catchments area as per our baseline survey. There is a strategic plan to make well to do each family of the Patharghata and Dowatala union. These beggars are prioritized for this issue. The beggars are assisted providing kinds not cash as per their wish list. As of June 2016, 12 beggars were assisted through the assets of 100000.00 Tk. each. The assets were bought are Cow, Goat, Poultry, Shop, Restaurant and Auto Rickshaw etc.

13. Credit Activities

Credit has provided to the ENRICH beneficiaries for IGA, Assets build up and Livelihood development.

Credit activities at a glance

Name of Branch Sectors Member Loanee Credit Activities
Total disbursement Total outstanding Recovery rate
Person Taka





IGA 1096 627 1826 62091000 16427498 99%
Asset creation 134 134 246 3616600 2262959 100%
Livelihood 125 125 246 2342000 1096842 100%
Total 1355 886 2318 68049600 19787299  

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