Duck rearing farm has changed the lifestyle of Lyli Begum

SANGRM(Sangathita Gramunnyan Karmasuchi) NGO started climate adapted activities through the sub-project AALO under CCCP-PKSF on 1/2/2014. AALO included Nishanbaria village of Noltona union from the beginning. Lyli Begum is a veteran member of Nishanbaria Climate Change Adaptation Group-1. 90% households of Nishanbaria village depend daily labor and capture fishing. Climate induced environmental situation has increased the vulnerability of these families. The family of Lyli Begum of the Kalam member home is not the exceptional of these vulnerable families. The home of Kalam Member contains 4 households. Frequent water surged inundations have decreased their coping capacity against climate induced disasters.  Plinth raising of cluster households at Kalam Member home has rescued their lives from vulnerability and they have dreamt to start a new life. Four duck sheds were given among the four members of Kalam Member’s home of which Lyli Begum is one of them. One duck shed and two days training has steered her life in to a shining direction. Lyli Begum is the head of a seven members family along with her three children. Lyli Begum used to rear ducks from earlier, but the slatted duck shed has enhanced her duck rearing enormously. For the last 30 months her income was Tk. 50000.00 from duck rearing. Now she is self-sufficient with her duck farm and presently the number of ducks are 30 both with geese and ducks. She did not have any capacity for schooling of their children but now she can bear easily of this expenditure and moreover she is now dreaming to have a job as this IGA has income his capacity. The staffs of AALO sub-project are proud of the success of Lyli Begum. She is now encouraging her neighbors to involve with goose and duck rearing and says her success story that make her well to do. She is grateful to the CCCP-PKSF and respective personnel’s of AALO sub-project.

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