Improve Cooking Stoves (ICS) Make Clean Households Environment

ICS distribution and its use is the significant component of Adaptation with Alternative Livelihood Opportunity (AALO) sub-project under CCCP-PKSF. Mst. Parvin is a member of Sonatola Climate Change Adaptation Group. She got one ICS and training from the AALO sub-project. Parvin said that ICS is the more convenient than the traditional cooking stove in terms of households level cooking. From traditional stoves smokes are spread out surrounding and within the houses. All utensils and fabrics used to dirty with the smokes from traditional stoves, now this condition has went away due to the use of ICS, the Bengali terminology is BANDHU CHULA. Parvin herself has innumerate the convenience of ICS as follows:

  • Heat does touch in her body while cooking.
  • Children do not feel any trouble when they come in to the kitchen.
  • Wooden fuels are spent comparatively less than traditional stoves.
  • Less carbon emission than traditional stoves.
  • Smoke does not free within the house and utensils and fabrics are not dirty.
  • Less time consumes than traditional stoves.
  • Skin burn diseases and respiratory problems do not occur as before

Parvin says that every one of housewives should use ICS instead of traditional stove for the sake of their health and surrounding environment. She is announcing her experience to her neighbors stating the merits of ICS and demerits of traditional stoves.

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