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SANGRAM is a non-government developmental organization established in 1985. SANGRAM started its activities from Pathoghata Upazilla of Barguna district adjacent to the Bay of Bengal. Day to day SANGRAM has extended its periphery and now all districts of Barisal division has included in its outreach. It has been working for long 32 years and able to make substantive development of 9 lakhs socio-economically back footed people in 20 upazilla of Barguna, Perojpur, Jhalokhathi, Patuakhali, Barisal and Bhola districts. SANGRAM believes that there is a sufficient capacity is in cryptic position within the human being that can be make free vulnerable community from the ironic band of helpless and in humanitarian conditions and for that peoples participation is indispensable in development process. Due to the present socio-economic structure poor people are encompassed by the poverty circle even they become victim of social injustice. Due to the excluding trend of poor people from the main stream of development their spiritual power always remain unrevealed.


Basically SANGRAM works in coastal area. Naturally peoples of this area are the victim of all types of disaster.  Due to worse communication, threatened marine livelihoods and continuous disaster prone area the lives of the people of this area is separate than the normal livelihoods of other area. Hence the people of this area are neglected, deprived and poverty sick. There is a great possibility earning sources from the Bay of Bengal, on the other hand incessant disaster in season and out of season has distressed the livelihoods of the people seriously. Landlessness, social conflict, insufficient economic support, weak law and order situation, marine robbers, lack of work, insufficient sanitary situation make extreme vulnerable the livelihoods of this area. Maximum people of this area depend on marine resources. Fishing in the sea and fish culture is the main profession of the people. Fishermen are being poor for the decrement trend of fishing and fish farming. More salinity has disrupted the normal situation of agriculture. Moreover cyclone, flash flood, irregular and frequent natural disaster seize the lives of the people. Famine breaks out in this area during the month of July-September. SANGRAM has been working for awareness development aiming to promote positive change of target people, assist people for decision making, how to start and continue something for the betterment of their lives. Such changes brings disadvantaged community in the main stream of development and thus they learn to represent community towards the substantive development. SANGRAM hopes economic development of the community emphasizing the importance of empowerment.

Year of establishment: 06 January 1985

Founder: Chowdhury Mohammad Masum

Latest News

Eye Camp in Dashmina Branch.

On 23rd September, 2017 in Dashmina branch there was an eye camp arranged by SANGRAM. In the camp 280 patients were given treatment, among…

SANGRAM in collaboration with the oppressed Rohingyas

রোহিঙ্গা শরণার্থীদের সহায়তায় সংগ্রাম কক্সবাজারের উখিয়া উপজেলার নির্যাতিত অসহায় রোহিঙ্গা শরণার্থীদের সহায়তায় ৮৭০ টি ৫ লিটারের বোতলে বিশুদ্ধ পানীয় জল সরবরাহ করা হয়েছে, ২০…

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Our Business

♦ Education and Technology ♦ Disaster risk reduction and rehabilitation ♦ Sustainable agriculture, Environment and Climate change♦Health, Sanitation and Nutrition ♦Gender equality and empowering women♦ Poverty alleviation and livelihood ♦ Disability and inclusive development ♦ Globalization and economic justice

Key Information

Year of Inception : 1985

Founder : Chowdhury Mohammad Masum

Serving Country : Bangladesh

Number of Branches : 47

Present Donors : BCCRF, CBM/CDD, PKSF, DFID, Bangladesh Bank, IFAD, NGO Forum.


Head Office: Shahid Smriti Sarak, Barguna-8700, Bangladesh.

Liaison Office: Genetic West Wood, H # 284-285, R # 2, Adabor, Dhaka-1207.

+88 0448 62828, +88 01712972589